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Coaching For Breakthrough Session
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Coaching Success 123 has recognize the science behind success and has its mission to empower people to set BIG goals and achieve them.
Personal Result Coaching is for people who are ready to become active and take responsibility for life into their own hands and get results.
Only by looking inside yourself, you will understand what’s happening to you on the outside.
There is an old saying: ” you can bring a horse to the water, but you can't make it drink.” Galileo Galilei said it in a different way:
“You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him discover it within himself.”
6050310_sWhat this means to you is that I could show you the way to success, and it is up to you to stay on the path and get it into action, which will bring you the results you want. It also means that the answer is already inside you and people need the coach to help them connect with their inner wisdom and power. The goal of Coaching Success 123 is to support people and empower them to set BIG goals, to concur their fears, to eliminate limiting beliefs, to stay on the path of massive action which will lead them to the results they want.

The coach acts as a personal supporter, leading the client through systematic, analytical questions to find his own solutions for challenges and to enhance the unique skills, resources, and creativity that the client already has.


Our coaching approach is based on practical psychology and NLP. It follow the principle developed and set by masters like Tony Robbins and Michael Bolduc. Principles like the Ultimate Success Formula.
With this approach, we focus on:

  • your individually tailored success-strategy
  • working in the depth of your personality
  • get clarity on your vision and set up goals to make it happen
  • finding out what is stopping you and breakthrough it
  • provide you with accountability, so you can stay on track and achieve more

What coaching will not do:

  • trying to change your surrounding
  • forcing you to do stuff you don't want
  • do the push up for you


woman-on-skypeAfter a preliminary talk, we will set the required content and time-frame to reach your coaching goal.

Quite often, the coaching process contains of 3 phases. In the beginning we are looking at what it is really, that drives the situations as they are, becoming aware of “what is”. In a second phase there is a process of acceptance, where we will look at what is hurt or unsolved and build up resources. The third phase integrates the resources into the system of your personality. This integration creates a space for growing and a natural enrichment and will help to let go, heal and add to your well being. We use practical psychology and NLP techniques to help you breakthrough and achieve your goal.
These tools had helped thousands of people and can help you too. As Coach Less Brown sais: "It's Possible". You better believe it: it is possible for you too.

In order to reach sustainable outcomes, it has shown that the coaching process takes about 6 to 12 sessions.

To gain great results in coaching, it is vital that coach and client are in good rapport, including 100% transparency and discretion.
We will be in contact on a weekly basis and provide you with accountability depending on the personal plan you choose.

But don;t just take my word for it. You can actually sign up for your coaching breakthrough session to find out what is possible for you too. Even if you decide to continue on your own you will have a better understanding of your goals and what you could do to achieve them.

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For Your Success,
Aylon Spigel


One of the tools we use to shed light on our own needs is the wheel of life.
Please click here to review it and to download a FREE copy of the Wheel of Life to your computer for your own assessment.

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