Emotional Freedom Technique
with Coach Aylon Spigel

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) is part of the new rising field of Energy Psychology. EFT combines counseling with a form of acupressure which addresses core issues and treats the body’s energy system. EFT is based on Dr. Callahan’s amazing discovery that “The cause of all negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.” EFT is good answer to many different symptoms since they all share an energy disruption as their cause. EFT rebalances the energy system in our body, whether it be for physical pain, emotional discomfort or a limiting belief. As the founder of EFT say: “EFT usually works when nothing else does.”

Where Emotional Relief Brings Physical Health.
Self help method often works where nothing else will.
No Drugs Involved ~ High Success Rate.
Gray Craigs website: www.emofree.com

What Is EFT? and How It Can Help You?

Hi, this is Aylon Spigel. I was first introduced to EFT by a friend of mine who is a medical doctor back in 2002. I then studied this technique with its founder – Gary Craig. I also had participated in the first EFT convention in Oxford, England 2002. I helped many people in my healing center at Bangkok Thailand.

I am fond of the  description of  EFT as psychological acupuncture without the needles. It works by inputting kinetic energy
(tapping) onto specific acupuncture meridians points.
It is also important to activate the brain
circuits that are involved in the energy disruption by
thinking about the problem.
energy-workEFT is believed to work by balancing your bio-energy short-circuiting through your body's electromagnetic system. All, not some, but ALL negative emotions, are due to disruptions in one's
bio-energy system. Combining the tapping with a positive
seems sufficient to disrupt the field that is
created from the emotion and thus, normalizes the
bio-energy disruption.

How Can You Use EFT To Relieve Yourself
From Many Physical And Emotional Pains?
Or How To Perform an EFT Basic Session?

The EFT treatment is constructed of 3 parts:

  • The set up
  • The procedure and
  • The tune up

The Set UpWe start with the set up. What we need is to construct a sentence around the PROBLEM that you are trying to solve. You can replace the word problem with your own issue.

"Even though I have this _problem_, I deeply and completely love and accept myself"

ถึงแม้ว่าฉันมี ปัญหา ฉันรักตัวฉันเองมากๆและอย่างสุดซึ้ง

or Even though I feel headache, I deeply and completely love and accept myself,
or Even though I have this fear of spiders, I deeply and completely love and accept myself.

The _problem_ could be anything you choose to focus upon in order to eliminate or reduce its effect whether it is a physical pain or a
fear (a painful thought).

This sentence helps to focus our mind on the issue while we are tapping on the KARATE point. (Point 0 in the diagram)
So this is the first point, at the side of your hand where a Karate move would strike.

We repeat this part at least 3 times before we move on to the second part- the procedure.

The Procedure - Here, we tap on 8 meridian points while maintaining our focus on the issue by name it loudly:
“my headache”, “this headache”, “this fear”, “this fear of spiders”, or “this limiting belief”.
Use whatever one is right for your issue. The 8 points are:

  • Above the eye
  • The side of the eye
  • Under the eye
  • Under the nose
  • Under the mouth
  • Above your chest
  • Side of the body at the bra level
  • On top of your head

We tap about 7 times on each point while we speak out loud our “problem”.  We do this procedure at least 3 times.

Tap on these meridian energy points as seen in the diagram.

Tap On These Meridian Energy Points

We tap about 7 times on each point while we speak out loud our “problem”.
We do this procedure at least 3 times. Take a deep breath after each time and pause for a moment.

The Tune Up - It is important to measure our improvement. In order to achieve that, we need to measure first before we start the procedure. We ask: how strong is the feeling of our problem from 0 to 10. 10 being very strong and 0 means problem eliminated.
Once we have this number we can ask this question again after the first round of the procedure.
If we can see an improvement we can continue until we eliminate the problem completely.
However, in case we do not feel any improvement we might need to tune our body energy system.

This is the tune up part. The goal is to make our body responsive to our treatment. The method is scrambling all the signals in our brain in order to be able to start fresh.

What we do is tapping on the back of the hand between the pinky and the ring finger and perform a few tasks:

  • Rolling our eyes clock wise and counter clock wise
  • Looking down and up.
  • Hamming the tune of Happy Birthday song.
  • counting out load from 1 to 7

These actions manipulate different parts of our brain and help to calibrate it to 0 so we can start our EFT procedure with a clean slate and get a better response from our body and better results.

This concludes the basic EFT session. It can be done by you to yourself. However, sometime people have difficulty to construct the sentence of their issue and to identify the core issue behind it. This is where working with an experience professional makes all the difference.

In my clinic I enjoyed seeing the positive change in many people happening right in front of my eyes. I must say it is very rewarding.
If you feel you need this additional help feel free to make an appointment with me. I conduct EFT sessions over skype. This means you can be anywhere in the world and you can get a relief to your problem from the comfort of your home.
The relief you can achieve is by far more valuable than the cost to cover the treatment. Contact me with the Quick Inquiry at the bottom. You should let me know your Skype ID and if you can share the problem you want to resolve. I will get back to you and we can schedule a Skype call.

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