Facebook Ad Services

Facebook Ad Services

Facebook Ad Creation Services

More than 47% of Facebook users admit that they find services and products on Facebook just like it is with Google search. Therefor it is crucial to have a Facebook presence and to run Facebook ads each month to reach your perfect clients.  In my opinion, Facebook Ads are one of the most under-utilized and cheapest sources of marketing to your perfect client on the web right now since Facebook are doing everything in their power to dominate the advertising arena. Here are some of the great things that you can do with Facebook ads:

  • Build your e-mail list
  • Target your competitors fans
  • Target your perfect clients by demographics
  • Target your local market
  • Reach more of your fans for pennies per engagement
  • Use conversion pixels to see exactly how much it costs you to get a new customer or e-mail subscriber
  • Use retargeting pixels to advertise to people who have already visited your website ( reduce the ad cost too)

I have been running Facebook ads for clients and my own business for years and I KNOW WHAT WORKS. I have run successful campaigns from starting at $5/day and up. And I know how to get views of my video for $0.001 per view. Results do vary but the goal is to get enough leads that will convert into a sale that give you profit which is much higher than you ad costs. It is a numbers game and we help you to see those numbers. I recommend running a set of ads to split test what converts best for you.  I will design and set up the best set of Facebook ads and then give you  a report on which ads performed the best. The split is usually with the kind of targeting we use. Facebook ads have become more complex with all the different choices and I will guide you to the perfect ad choice for you.  If you don’t match the right ad vehicle with your goals, you can end up wasting a lot of money!  No one wants that. Don’t spend weeks trying to learn all this on your own, let me help kick your ad campaign off right. There are 2 steps:

  1. Ad Creation and Split Testing 
  2. Ongoing Campaign and Scaling Up 

Ad Creation and Split Testing Package

In the first step we create the ads and run a testing for up to 5 days to determine which ad performs the best. The step includes:

  • Ads copy and design for split testing
  • Conversion pixel creation (if applicable)
  • 2-3 basic images
  • Ads uploaded into your Ads Manager
  • Monitoring during the split testing phase (maximum of 5 days of monitoring)
  • Report on which ads performed the best during the split testing phase

5 Ad Creation Package: $500

10 Ad Creation Package: $800 

Ongoing Campaign and Scaling Up Package

Once we have your best ads up and running, we need to watch them daily to make sure they continue to perform well and to scale up the ad spending according to your budget limits and targets. You may want to tweak your ads just a bit to test new variables.  I can help you with your ongoing monitoring needs for ad campaigns that I have created.

Monitoring includes:

  • Daily monitoring of your ads
  • Stopping underperforming ads
  • Scaling up and new Ad creation (maximum of 2 new ads created per week) to maximize the daily budget.
  • Weekly reporting
  • Recommendations of next steps

Daily Facebook Advertising Campaign Monitoring – Small Campaign:

$800 per month or $30 per day
Daily Facebook Advertising Campaign Monitoring – Large Campaign:
$1500 per month or $55 per day
Small Campaigns are $100/day in ad spend or less and a maximum of 5 ads per day in monitoring.
(The first week we spend only 5x$5=$25 per day. Then we scale up the best performing ads to the ad spend you choose.)
Large Campaigns are over $100/day in ad spend and a maximum of 10 ads per day in monitoring.

How does it work?

Once you choose a package, and notify your decision by email I will send you a paypal payment link. You can then also send more info about your ad campaign. Once your payment is complete I will send you instruction of how to add me as an Admin to your Ads Account and your Facebook Page, so I will create your campaign for your approval. Once you approve the ads, the testing will start and you will get a report as well as start to see results. We then implement changes base on the results we get in order to maximize the outcome.

For Your Success
Aylon Spigel